Support function for the supply chain

Prepared to assume responsibility for operational cash flow requirements connected to supply chain disruptions

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Financing for terms of

up to $500,000.

Postponement of the principal payment for

up to 12 months

If you pay off your loan early.

No penalties apply

You can use financing to

  • Access patient capital

    Meet the demands of your suppliers and simplify cash flow management.

  • Fund the need for operational cash flow

    Increase the supply chain management's flexibility.

  • Increased revenue

    Improve inventory management procedures to cut waste and boost productivity.

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Customized Financing for your Needs

Unmatched Adaptability

Pay back the loan over a maximum of 60 months (including initial principal postponement).

A Method "Beyond the Numbers"

We consider factors other than banking ratios, such as management skill and the potential of your enterprise.

Calmness of Mind

Without justification, our terms and conditions never change. Additionally, we don't use personal property as collateral for loans.

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