Purchase order financing

Easily complete large purchasing orders without hassle

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90 percent financing

To pay for a significant portion of the PO amount

Maximum 18 months

To repay your loan

Purchase Order financing is the best option when you need to take on new company prospects but lack the necessary funds. To fulfil huge orders without cutting back on operations, you can enhance your cash flow.

You can use financing to

  • Employ in addition to your credit line

    Accept bigger contracts and buy more stock so you can fill orders promptly.

  • Start growth initiatives

    enlarge into new domestic and international markets.

  • Increased revenue

    To receive exceptional discounts and prevent foreign exchange swings, pay vendors in advance.

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Customized Financing for your Needs

Unmatched Adaptability

Take advantage of interest-only payments and a single balloon payment at the end of the term by aligning loan repayment with PO payment terms.

Unobtrusive financing

You will receive a loan disbursement so you can pay vendors immediately. Your clients won't pay BDC if there is no factoring on the loan.

Stay away from dealing with exchange rate changes

Canadian or American dollars were used for payments.

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