Finance for purchasing equipment

Boost your workplace efficiency

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Financing of up to 125%

To compensate for the price of the purchase and related costs

Up to 12 years old

To pay back a loan

Maximum 24 months

Delaying principal payments at loan inception

Will you soon expand and improve your business or replace obsolete equipment? Obtain finance to pay for the cost of gear, whether it be new or old, to boost output and support expansion. Do you need more time to decide what to buy? We have a variety of financing options, and we'll suggest the one that best meets your needs.

You can use financing to

  • Boost your capabilities

    Purchase manufacturing line hardware, tools, equipment, or specialist gear like lab supplies.

  • Boost performance

    Modernize operations or spend money on commercial vehicles.

  • Add to your line of credit

    Replenish the working capital that equipment costs have drained.

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Customized Financing for your Needs

Unmatched Adaptability

To prevent using money needed for daily activities, match payments to your cash flow cycle.

Additional funding as needed

Get additional funds on top of the real estate loan to pay for extra fees like moving expenses.

Calmness of Mind

Without justification, our terms and conditions never change. Additionally, we don't use personal property as collateral for loans.

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