Start up with Lending Line

To help you expand your business, get support during the early phases.

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Up to $250,000

To get your projects going

Maximum 12 months

Delaying principal payments at loan inception

Delaying principal payments at loan origination for a maximum of 12 months

You can use financing to

  • Launch your business

    Invest in assets, fork out startup costs, or get a franchise.

  • Build up force

    Spend money on marketing, a website, or consulting services.

  • Add to your line of credit

    Replenish the working capital that startup charges have drained.

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Customized Financing for your Needs

Unmatched Adaptability

To avoid utilising cash needed for daily activities, take advantage of lengthier amortisation periods and tailor payments to your cash flow cycle.

a method "beyond the numbers"

We examine the possibilities of your business concept as a whole. We also consider your previous experiences.

calmness of mind

Without justification, our terms and conditions never change. Additionally, we don't use personal property as collateral for loans.

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Are you qualified?

  • Canadian-based enterprise
  • Operating for at least a year in a row and bringing in money
  • Realistic market and sales potential should be shown.
  • High credit score
  • In the province or territory where you reside, you are of legal age.
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